Our business was established 2012 as a window cleaning company. Managing Director of Cito, Matthew Bond, established the business with
his partner upon leaving the armed forces after a distinguished service. The objectives of his business were simple – to be your own boss, to enjoy what you do, and to create enjoyable work opportunities for local people.

By 2013 Cito had moved in to commercial cleaning. This was all thanks to an opportunity presented by a client and grew to become the
main focus of the business. It was at this time Cito’s customer base and staff resource increased and further opportunities to support our clients in other capacities grew.

By 2017 Matthew and his partner wanted to take different paths and agreed to part ways as friends, and as such Cito Services became
a limited company with Matthew at the helm. 2018 saw the business reposition itself as Cito Services Ltd, creating a brand which fully captures the diverse ways we can support our clients and gives our team a clear brand to invest in. We also moved into our new offices in Carlisle City Centre. Our business culture is very important to us and at sits the core of what we do every day.

Today……………… Cito Facilities……………………

We believe in treating our staff with the utmost respect, giving them the skills and tools they need to do their jobs to the best of their abilities, and encouraging them be the best version of themselves each day. In doing this we have built a team that is passionate about our purpose. We encourage our team always be great, to refine, to keep improving, and to listen and support our clients, always. It is this ethos that not only keeps our clients happy but also enables them to evolve their own workspaces, so they can provide a healthy and productive environment for their employees.